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Psychiatric Services
  • Pharmacogenetics/Laboratory Services/Substance abuse     
  • Psychiatric Evaluation/Anxiety Disorders
  • Medication Management /Eating Disorders/Psychotherapy    
  • Sleep Disorders/Mood Disorders/Schizophrenia, And a Lot More.  Call us today to learn about our services

Through the use of technology, making appointments is now easier than ever. Attend your sessions with these compatible apps: Google Duo, Facetime,, Zoom, and other HIPPA  Compliant protected apps. Call us more information


Psychotherapy allows us to learn more about clients through personal interaction. The objective of psychotherapy is to help clients change behaviors and overcome problems by using a non-pharmacological approach

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetics to help find the right medication match for clients. We are using technology to create better outcomes for our clients.

Psychiatric Evaluation

 Desert Bolt Behavioral offers a caring atmosphere sensitive to the client's needs. Clients have time to connect with providers and do not feel rushed. This time gives the provider a strong understanding of the client's needs. Desert Bolt Behavioral LLC offers services to pediatric, adolescent, and adult care. We provide treatment for all psychiatric mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more) with a strong emphasis on ADHD treatments. All providers are board-certified to provide the safest, most effective care.

Medication Management and Laboratory Services

We utilize evidence-based research, and FDA best-practice guidelines to give the safest, most effective medication care available.

We are utilizing lab services close to your home and offering instant access to clients through our portal.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders is an umbrella term that represents conditions such as Bipolar disorder. Bipolar 1 & 2 is a disorder characterized by episodes of mania/hypomania and depression. Patients must have at least 3 out of the 7 manic symptoms if their mood is elevated, or 4 out of the 7 if their mood is irritable. The symptoms must last an average of 1 week for mania, 4 days for hypomania, and 2 weeks for depression. Bipolar disorder is safely managed with anticonvulsant mood stabilizers and antipsychotics. Visit our resource page for more information.