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Our Front Office Team

Outpatient Treatments Centers in Phoenix, AZ

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Carlie Newman
Office Manager
Carlie is a dedicated individual who graduated from Walden University with a Bachelor of Healthcare Administration in 2021. With over 6 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Carlie is excited to embark on a new career in Behavioral Health.

Beyond her professional achievements, Carlie's passions lie in her family, playing sports, and caring for those around her. She possesses exceptional leadership skills and thrives in mentoring others, always willing to lend a helping hand wherever needed.

Every morning, Carlie kickstarts her day with a fresh cup of coffee and radiates positivity with a warm smile. She takes great pride in ensuring the office is set up for success, guaranteeing that every patient's needs are met. Carlie's commitment to assisting others makes her an indispensable asset in providing the best possible care.
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Caressa Martinez
Medical Assistant
Caressa began her career with Desert Bolt as a Medical Assistant (M.A). She continues gaining experience as an M.A while establishing herself as a compassionate, and motivated employee. Caressa is proud to call Desert Bolt home.

Caressa's passion is helping patients and staff meet treatment goals. In her role as Medical Assistant, Caressa assists by performing a wide variety of duties from front desk scheduling to back-office duties. Before ending a phone call, Caressa always checks with the patient if all inquiries have been addressed. Caressa is presently studying nursing prerequisite courses to eventually become a Pediatric Registered Nurse.
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Summer Swaine
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Summer received her Emergency Medical Technician Certification from Paradise Valley Community College in 2021. Summer's proven knowledge of medical and clinical services are well utilized with our patients.

Day to day at Desert Bolt, Summer utilizes her skills and kind disposition to provide exceptional care for our patients as well as aids our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by ensuring UAs are obtained, taking vitals for each patient, ordering both new and refill scripts, relaying information to patients, and performing medical data entry.
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Dee Mujkic
Billing Specialist
Dee brings her passion when it comes to helping patients into the work force on all levels. As a billing coordinator, Dee works at all fronts to enforce facility compliance with Medicare, State, and Federal rules and regulations.

Dee's day to day activities at Desert Bolt include verification of insurance, performing eligibility checks, as well as addressing all patient and facility billing inquiries. Dee's knowledge of billing issues and trends, and data analysis are well utilized for our patients.